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  1. How often do I have my pet groomed ... ?
  2. What are ANAL GLANDS ... ?
  3. Why does Marie shave down matted dogs and cats ... ?
  4. What is a hot spot... ?
  5. What to do about fleas& ticks... ?
  6. When is the best age to start my puppy ... ?
  7. How Often should I have the nails cut...?
  8. Check your pet after the grooming-


How often do I have my pet groomed ... ?

[each breed requires different upkeep, also each persons likes the pet with different length of coat. Ex. Bichons should be groomed monthly, but if you like the pet short you can go to 2 to 3  months. It is important that if you go that long a close eye should be kept on the pets ears (for any infection) and the nails (to make sure they do not grow too long and preventing the nail from either breaking or getting caught in the rug, causing pain and or bleeding. There are breeds such as Labs that get groomed every month to every 6 months- according to shedding or doggie odor.]

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 What are ANAL GLANDS ... ?

[They are 2 small sacs- one  on each side of the rectum. A common fallacy is that when a dog rubs his butt on the floor that he has worms, In reality his glands are  probably full and need to be emptied-either as part of the grooming or by your Vet. If left unattended the sacs may become impacted and surgery will be needed. So make sure the groomer does the glands a part of the pets routine grooming.]

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Why does Marie shave down matted dogs and cats... ?

[There comes a point when brushing is just not going to do the job. Most every dog can be dematted, but I WON'T put the animal through Not only is it painful to the animal but may cause skin rash and in some animals, the rash is so severe that it scratches itself to bleeding. It also will make your pet so fearful of future visits, that the attitude will most likely turn negative towards the grooming experience  .]

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What is a hot spot... ?

[They are usually seen in the summer and fall. They are associated with allergies and fleas. The most sensitive are usually light colored pets. Bichons are the greatest example. The breed tends to be prone to them, If the dog has fleas the chewing in a area causes moisture and irritation in that area. It can also be caused by scratching an area. First aid to the spot - a medicated powder to the area helps until the Veterinarian can be visited. The powder dries up the area and the medicated powder helps to relieve the itching. And of coarse if the main cause is parasites then the obvious is to rid the animal of the bugs.]

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What to do about fleas& ticks ... ?

[The best cure is prevention-In the spring you should apply a flea and tick preventative, Your Vet, groomer, and pet store carry them. There are different types and brands to choose from- so ask for help Remember TICK season starts early-as soon as the weather warms up in the early spring-so don't procrastinate. Fleas are around until the frost (a good cold frost) so don't think its getting cooler that there gone. This time of year (fall) the like you home.  Also yearly spraying outside and inside your home by an exterminator (they guarantee their work Also having the  pet groomed often will help because the groomer checks for bugs at each visit....sometimes it only takes one flea to start a skin problem.]

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When is the best age to start my puppy... ?

[ASAP............starting young will get the puppy comfortable with the grooming routine. To start the puppy try to brush him several times a week (it doesn't have to  be a perfect brushing, just enough to get the pup use to the feel and routine)   Play with the pups feet. Get the pup familiar to having their feet touched. Check the ears regularly for the same reason.  The puppy should wait until the last vaccination is given (usually about 16 wks) If you already have a groomer, bring  him/her in to meet the one of the most important people  (next to family of coarse) your pet will know. You can  then discuss the routine for your pets grooming life.]

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How Often should I have the nails cut...?

[Most dogs run on grass, some do go for walks in the road. However most are just backyard dogs so the nails do not get filed on concrete.  Therefore the nails should be  done every 3 to 4 weeks.  Grinding is the best method due to the fact that grinding smooths the nails and  there is less chance for raspy edges.  A plus to grinding is that if the quick is hit the less likly there is for blood as in using regular nail clippers.]

Check your pet after the grooming-

[When your dog is groomed - things that need to be checked. 

Were the nails done properly.  Without rasp so they are smooth.  Remember, the nails may never be so short that they do not grab you but they should be done so they do not cut you.

How are the ears. Are they rid of hair?  Are they CLEAN?  If not, did the  groomer suggest taking the dog to the Vet? Or suggest ways of maintaining the ears.

Was the bath done properly?  Does the pet smell  and feel clean?

Has the hair between the bottom of the pads been cleaned out, around the eyes trimmed, or the hair around the privates cleaned?

Most dogs should LIKE there groomer, but understand that the grooming process can be stressful. Most dogs will get use to the process and get to LIKE  the groomer and  do enjoy when they are picked up and told that they are beautiful!!  And they do understand Beautiful.

If there is something you are not happy with or would like to change for the next grooming, your groomer should be open to suggestion and willing to work with you.]

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