Grooming and Boarding @ my home too.


  ... Deer Stag Antlers 15 point on shield MG9069 - Stag Antlers 15 PointsAntlers... Deer Stag Antlers 15 point on shield MG9069 - Stag Antlers 15 Points

Solid antler dog chews.  Hard White and Brown

Up to 6”     $12

6-7”            $23

8-9”            $35

9” +             $56

plus   shipping

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 In Your Home


For the anxious pet.. no need to put them through the "car ride"just for nails and a slight trim. We will come to your home and do nails, ears and lite trimming (tush and privates)


Is your dogs nail clicking on your floors keeping you up?  It's also dangerous for your pet. The nail can snag in the rug and break off. The nails can also scratch your family.


In-between  nail trimming - grooming touchups

Day Care - Your home or mine.



Home services include....


    Nail grinding -                        

      Trim feet & rear        

           Ear cleaning              

              Rear Cleaning Too!

 $25.00 initial visit Additional services extra.


631 255 2181



See Pricing



*In home prices discounted for additional needs (ear, anal glands, private parts)

  Multiple pet discounts

Package discounts

Tax NOT included.



You can call for appointment

  @  631 255-2181

or email me



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